Ebira Culture

The untold stories about Ebira Culture

The untold stories about Ebira Culture

Beyond what many have read, beyond what many have been told, and far beyond the belief of many of us, the Ebiras have many untold stories about themselves that many will be so glad after taking a careful and conscious read about them.

The culture which is explicitly described as the total way of life has been deeply portrayed by the Ebiras in unique and amazing ways.

Each family have their children nurtured and raised in the farm centres. A child will grow up to meet his or her parents on the farm and then continue from there. Laziness wasn’t a norm to imbibe. Aside from hyping, all hands were strongly on deck to see that they grow in hardworking even as the children will see the need to learn how to make before fame. Historically it’s a way of telling the young up-and-coming ones how to grow in great dedication and how to be dogged especially in that which is good, helpful, rewarding and important.

Farming was a revered culture among the Ebiras and you might be tagged as an indolent one if you ain’t of the trending occupation back then. It wasn’t just trending, it was seemingly entertaining and pepping back then.

In those days Civilization wasn’t their thing; I mean they weren’t in the know of education talk more of its vitality. They encouraged themselves in what they were doing even as they count it as a top-notch activity.
As time flew by, some began to enrol their children in school. It wasn’t against the culture of the Ebiras to do that, not really. It was a sign that Curiosity and Love for learning are quite part of their Intriguing culture.

This effort that was put up them doesn’t negate their love and enthusiasm for farm work and its engagement. It rather grew faster, wider, greater and bigger when it touches civilization and some other needful expositions.

The aforementioned scenarios are some of the facts related to the untold stories about Ebira Culture which will and can widen the knowledge, understanding and thinking faculty of other tribes, this present Ebira nation, students of History and even those who will do Nigeria People And Culture. The uniqueness of Ebira as a tribe can be best understood when their culture is aptly considered and wonderfully glanced through.

Affirmatively, Considering their approach towards marriage, you’ll see that it also pictures their unique nature and not the other way round. From that, you’ll see that they’ve gotten a beautifully glaring nature as a tribe that needs to be applauded. As a Culture of the Ebiras in the olden days, you do not dare impregnate a lady out of wedlock. The audacity wasn’t really present at all. The fear of elders, the fear of families, the fear of your tribe and the fear name won’t allow venture into such a dirty game.

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Marital Relationships and affairs outside wedlock were something choky and needed to be banned in those days.
As a man or young guy seeking to marry a lady from a particular family, you’ll keenly need to follow procedures and some of them might even take a particular material to the family of the child he’s interested in. For instance, a guy who’s interested in a lady will go to the bush, look for firewood and then take it to the house of the girl he wants to marry; the wood is a symbol of love and an emblem to depict his undying interest for the lady and his loyalty for the family(his future in-laws). What a beauty!

All these are done not in waste but to give glory to the land, the parents, the lady, the family of the husband, and their children yet unborn.

Ebiras do receive money for virgin daughters from their in-laws. Which was an act or a sign of morality and decency rather. The man coming to marry their daughter will be asked to pay for the virginity of the damsel he’d come to marry on a condition he meets her being fresh and untampered. That was also done then to instruct their daughters to get the know even as they believe the fact that virginity is a very great treasure and a that it has a beautiful prize.

Historically, ebira ladies/Ebira women do not believe in, neither do they by the idea of feminism nor to even antagonizes patriarchy. They believe in the supremacy of the elders, their husbands and in fact all men in general. They believe the fact that a lady, a wife and a daughter ought to be submissive to their husbands even as the husbands extend Love to them.

This was the path laid, and they all joyfully followed it. They weren’t fighting for a trophy that doesn’t exist rather in humility they raised their children in decency and morality. It was a locality made that in that form but an apt understanding of what Morality and Wisdom simply pushed them to be so humble and meek even as they were ready to detest feminism.

Conclusively, The Ebiras have a way of showcasing their culture once more via masquerading.
Masquerading is an act where a particular custodian prepares a territory for his own masquerade to have its abode even before it publicly gets to be seen.

In the olden days, our forefathers will create a garden with windows, where they’ll follow through when the time calls for the masquerade to be publicly showcased. It will amaze you to know that one passes through a window all for the purpose of meeting a cultural demand. It is the value the Ebiras attach to their culture that calls for that even as they do not take it for granted.

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They will move down to the garden and suddenly you’ll hear the sound of Masquerade right from that garden without having the knowledge of how it all happened.
It’s only the owner of the garden that knows how it all worked and happened, and it was strongly believed that it’s those who died that resurrect to carry on the masquerades’ attires, that is to say, Masquerades are ghosts in solid disguise.

In those days masquerading is a thing of the secret. It’s outrightly made to be confidential. Its value and the honour attached to it call for that.
It’s not to be publicized but to be enjoyed by the public.


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