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Updated Lists Of Clans In Ebiraland and Their Place of Dominance

Updated Lists Of Clans In Ebiraland and Their Place of Dominance

The Ebiras as a tribe, are also been grouped according to how they’d descended from a common ancestor either in fact or belief which is anthropologically termed “Clans.”  Various kinds of Clans dwell in this beautiful part of Kogi State in Nigeria even as they live in unionism and are been beautifully harmonized together as a tribe. In this post i will be highlighting the List of Clans in Ebira.

Below are the renowned clans that are found in this unique part of the Confluence State, which is Kogi State.

• First and Foremost, We have “The Ezi Ogu which is predominantly found in Okengwe, Okene Local Government.

They solely and strongly believe in their might and wealth as they’ll keep telling themselves that they are up to what they proclaim. They took a very good percentage in the Population of those residing in the area where they predominantly occupied.

-They have the “TARU” as their head; The TARU coordinates, directs, controls, and properly guides the affairs and activities going within their terrain. He is termed as a man of peace as what he stands for is nothing else but peace and tranquillity amongst his dear folks and subjects. He calls for a summit when due just to see that he discusses elaborately matters arising, issues needed to be addressed, and everything needed to be rightly installed in its own places.

-They also have a Masquerade they believe in. To be strict, the Ogu clan believes in Masquerade, they do not detest being fans of it. Their entirety embraces what it does and how it is always needed to be done. They love and Cherish their own type of Masquerade. It doesn’t portray that they do not do that to others, but the taste they attach to their own side is glaringly outstanding and top-notch.

In short, the taste they give to everything that belongs to them cannot be overemphasized. They believe in themselves even as they always and will always see the best in themselves.

– They love everyone in their angle(that is those in their own type of clan) especially. The love is catchy and loudly enticing. It is believed by them that you are unique when you are part of them. To them, being part is the same as being on the same path with them even as it’s rightly obvious that you are. Special treatment for those in their angle even as always.

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– They are also being split just to extend the love amongst them peacefully and if possible equally;

*Amari is also part of the Ogu Clan that is predominantly dwelling in Okengwe also.

*Ede ain’t excluded. They are also a sub-clan in the Ogu clan that are predominantly dwelling in Okengwe.

*Ehinka is another sub-clannish tag that is predominantly dwelling in Okengwe

*Okaku is another sub-clannish tag that is predominantly dwelling in Okengwe.

*Okara is another sub-clan in the Ogu clan that is predominantly dwelling in Eganyi. Many sons and daughters of the Ogu Clan do not agree with the tagged “Ozi Ogu-Okara” as they believe that the difference in Location and abode is enough to affirm their stand. Their stand is that the Ozi Ogu-Okara segregated themselves from among them and decided to go and dwell in Eganyi that’s quite far from Okengwe Okene Local Government.

Notwithstanding Ozi Ogu-Okara aren’t historically excluded from the Sub-clan in Ogu and they can not be isolated. In short, they are together. The aforementioned are the sub-clan in Ogu and the rest of them.

Furthermore, There is the Esusu Clan.

Th Esusu clan is predominantly found in Okengwe. They are special people too with several kinds of things that express their Uniqueness and Importance.

The Esusus believe in their ancestor “Adiyaya” whom many of them usually eulogize themselves with even as they will say “Emi Ozi Adiyaya” which can be translated as “I, the son or daughter of Adiyaya.

They so much believe in his might and strength. They believe him even as a god that many if not all of them will profess that you won’t actually see him if you plan to see him. That the only way you can see him is when you do not plan it all as he most often appears in the middle of the night. They categorically assert that you’ll sleep off if you’d nursed an idea to have a glance of him before taking your night rest.

A tale was narrated about Adiyaya’s mysterious nature that one day he was sent for by a King. This king already planned to take his life. While they got there, the king arranged for him to be burnt and while the fire was set on him, he powerfully and amazingly departed without anyone’s knowledge.

And according to the tale, that place where he was burnt up till today never grows grass. It’s like that of a place where a mechanical engineer works.

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They are also found in so many other places like Isugnwe, Okaito, and others. Adiyaya, and avata all things still the same.

They also have the “Oba” masquerade. This is another mysterious masquerade possessed by the Esusus. Oba can willingly get shorter or taller without stress. To date, the mystery behind that change is still seemingly very confidential and secretive. Most of the time when the Esusus invites his arrival for any of their events where he needs calls, the Esusus are usually robed on White even as their female ones go with no shoe on their legs. The best known to them on why their pattern was chosen by them.

“Dagana” is another masquerade they also believe in. He’s significantly known to be one with a white Mask almost always.

His outing isn’t also usually conditional and always for a very special reason. One of the major reasons for his outing is when there’s a need for a ruler to be selected and he’s to search for him.

They have their Head Ruler which is called the Ohi Itakpe.

~In addition, The “Asuwe(s)” are also predominantly found in Okengwe Okene.

~Ohimoroko( Ozi ede) Clan are predominantly found in Okene

~Avi Clan are predominantly found in Okene

~Ewure Clan are predominantly found in Okene

~Omoye Clan are predominantly found in Okene

~Ehebe Clan are predominantly found in Okene

~Omavi Clan are predominantly found in Omavi

~Ure Clan are predominantly found in Ihima in Okehi Local Government Area, Kogi State.

~Odumi Clan are predominantly found in Ihima in the same Okehi Local Government Area in Kogi State.

~Ohongwa Clan are predominantly found in Ihima Okehi Local Government Area

~Ezuka0 ani Emani Clan is predominantly found in Okehi Local Government

~Idu Clan is predominantly found in Ovehira In Okene Local Government. An area that’s very close to Okengwe is still in Okene Local Government Area.

~The Ezuka Clan is found in Adavi, Ogaminana in Adavi Local Government Area.

~Akuta Clan is predominantly found in Okengwe, Okene Local Government Area in Kogi State.

The aforementioned clans are the clans whose residences can be evidently traced to Ebira land in the Central Part of Kogi State Nigeria.


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